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Lisa Winn

Los Angeles , California

Lisa talks about how Lovera got rid of her having "HOT-FLASHES" !

My name is Lisa , I am a horse trainer. I work a lot outside and I work a lot inside. I do not have the time worry about hot flashes. When I started to take Lovera it changed everything for me. I am taking Lovera since the end of September , already 6 month now and it has changed my life, it changed everything for me. I used to worry about wearing certain clothing when I would go places because of the hot flashes and since I have been taking Lovera I have not had one and I can wear whatever I want now. It’s a huge difference. I have more energy, I sleep better, I wake-up better, I love that Lovera is an all natural product and it does not have anything inside which will be detrimental to my health.

>Dr. Rainer Pawelke, M.D.

Munich, Germany

With over 30 years of experience in internal medicine, Dr. Pawelke has been treating women for Libido and Menopausal issues and helping find healthier alternative care for long term success.

"The best medicines always come from the Earth. No amount of laboratory science can beat the healing power of Mother Nature."

-Dr. Pawelke


Sara Sanders

47 years old born in Madrid Spain.

Lives in Los Angeles , California

I discovered Lovera 8 month ago . I have been talking it ever since. Lovera reduced the length of my period and I also felt taking Lovera gave me a lot of vitality.It renewed my being - I was happier and had no mood swings anymore. As I was getting older my periods got worse. so this product was just a blessing to me..Also after I was talking Lovera, I was very happy to discover that my orgasms increased in length and density and it was just a wonderful feeling - Who dos not want to have longer orgasms :-) !! ?? I am very very happy with Lovera and I will continue to take it and recommend it to all women where ever they are and in what stage of their live they are because it really,really helps!!!And the fact that it is natural that all ingredients are made with the best quality herbs and plants from all arround the world gave me the tranquility of taking it on a daily basis. It has no side effects. So please take Lovera!!

Women visit my practice often with concerns about libido, sexual desire, vaginal lubrication and menopausal symptoms.

Up to 50% of women worldwide have never experienced an orgasm, which is a very sad story. I allowed women of different age groups the opportunity to participate in a study I performed over the last year. The results were outstanding. The women typically experienced 95% improvement of lubrication, 86% experienced a better sexual experience, 75% of women had less menopausal symptoms, and 96% said they experienced no side effects at all during the 3 month period taking this supplement. I have never seen that before.

Here we are looking at a demonstration of the blood circulation system. This is blood running very fast. This is blood running very slow. If blood is running slow the patient has stress. You can discover this by analyzing their blood. If their blood is running fast, like here, then the woman is happy. If the blood is running too slow like this here, she experiences stress wherever that stress might come from. With the ingredients in our product, we can change sticky blood, with a consistency like oil, into blood that runs like sprinkling water.

The reason for the success is the combination of the ingredients. We have 6 natural ingredients like: L-Arginine, Damiana, Maca, Pomegranate, Soy Isoflavones and Catuaba Bark. All these ingredients fit perfectly together. I was very glad to be able to test this product, Lovera, and I am happy to recommend it to women who are in need of it.